Trendy bags 2017


Above are some bags that is very trendy this year. I’ve seen them on many bloggers, celebrities and think that they look very chic and stylish individually. In this post I will tell you guys where you can get them and for what price, of course if there is any bag above that you personally like. My favorite out of all 10 is definitely number 4. I feel like you can wear it for special occasion but also have it on a normal day where you want to look casual but with this bag still stylish.

Nr. 1: Urban Expressions Rose Embroidered Backpack, price: 90.00$

Nr. 2: Betsey Johnson Back to School Clear as Can BE Backpack, price: 88.00$

Nr. 3: Gucci Gg Marmont Embroidered Velvet Mini Bag, price: 3 900.00$

Nr. 4: Balmain 44 14 Bag, price: 1 467.60$

Nr. 5: Chloé Mini faye bag, price: 1 390.00$

Nr. 6: DRIFT TINY HIP BAG, price: 49.95$

Nr. 7: Tory Burch Juliette Tweed Top-Handle Satchel, price: 382.40$

Nr. 8: Gucci Gg Marmont Velvet Mini Bag, price: 1 490.00$

Nr. 9: Gucci Dionysus small coated-canvas and suede shoulder bag, price: 2 150.00$

Nr. 10: Tassel Color Block Backpack Black, price: 20.49$

Xoxo, Bella


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