5 things to do when sick

Hi guys! I stayed home today because I have a very sore throat and just felt very tired without any energy too go to school. So I thought why not post anything on the blog!

Tip 1°: Everytime when I get sick I always watch YouTube videos, it’s like a tradition every time I stay home! Videos that I love watching is morning routines, hauls and other videos that catches my attention.

Tip 2°: This goes out to everyone that loves shopping but can’t get out of bed, online shopping! I don’t know why but I always feel a lot better when I shop online, maybe because I just get too excited about the things that I’ve bought and until they get home.

Tip 3°: A warm bath or shower will really give you a boost, you will feel so much better but still will be able to relax. Especially here in Sweden it started snowing yesterday so it feels so good to take warm showers. Once your out of the shower take on your fluffiest and warmest pjs and snuggle in too your bed or couch.

Tip 4°: Most importantly, don’t forget to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Your body will heal faster. Eating is also important especially when you’re sick, because that’s when your body is on its worst condition so we have too take care of it in the right way.

Tip 5°: Lastly try to get up and be productive (if you’re not very sick), you can for example do your homework’s so you don’t get after in school studies and personally for me it’s easier too focus and study at home rather than in school, because it’s not as loud.

Xoxo, Bella



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