Outfit inspiration

(Photo edited by me)

225578824This blue skirt from Chicwish really gives a beautiful balance of color to this outfit, instead it would be very plain colors. I was mainly searching for a red skirt but found this one instead, which works just as good.


217893212I’m really in love with this sweater from Rosetta Getty because of how warm and fluffy it looks, a must have to the wardrobe. I’m also liking that it’s not white but instead a beige or creamy white color, because if it was a white top the outfit would look very ”cold” in my opinion. But with this color the top makes the blue skirt pop out but still being in the center of the whole outfit.


225400584I was very close too choosing black or white shoes but choose this wine red shoe from Gamiss instead, which I’m glad I did. I feel like we (especially me) always go for colors that we own and already know that it will fit the majority of the clothes that we own. So we just back away from colors that we usually wouldn’t choose for clothing which just makes use stay in our comfort zone. Maybe next time I can choose a pair of yellow or orange shoes?

This was a different post were I just gave some outfit ideas/inspirations, if you would like me to post more like this let me know!

Xoxo, Bella


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