So sorry’


Hi guys! I’m very sorry for not being so active on my blog, but there is soo much tests and homeworks that we get from school so my sparetimes just goes to doing them. I’ve also had some problems with friends in school so I didn’t feel so well, so I didn’t want to write something wrong on my blog that would just spread out as a ”negative energy”. But I try to also see the positive things in life and right know the one thing i’m very excited for is that we have winter holiday in 3-2 weeks! Yaay! It’s gonna be so refreshing to just to be able to rest from school and have some freetime for myself. Also stay tuned because we’re going to Denmark when my holiday starts, and it’s because my cousins and mom’s family lives there. So i’m going to post many photos from there and other things that we’re gonna do.

( also if you have any tips to what I can post on my blog I would gladly do it)


Xoxo, Bella



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