favourite beauty products 2016′

imageSephora eyeshadow movie popcorn N°72 | Price: 13$                                           I usually don’t wear eyeshadow but I like to use sephora’s eyeshadow as highlighter instead, which works very good. It’s an affordable product so if you don’t want to spend so much money on highlighter this is a very good dupe. I like to wear this product on the tip of my nose, on my cupid’s bow and on my inner corners of my eyes.

Maybelline New york brow satin in medium brown | Price: 11$     This brow product has been my savior and is super easy to apply on the brows. I’m gonna me honest and say that i’m not the best on getting the eyebrows on fleek, but this product has helped me so much and just gives super beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. I would say that this product is like a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz.

BareMinerals powder foundation in beige | Price: 28$                      I really don’t know what my life would be without this product! I don’t like foundations that are liquids and gets like a layer on your  skin, and after trying this product I now no longer use any other foundation. I’ve also noticed that I don’t breakout as much with this product and this really makes my skin breath and not get like a thick layer as other foundations.

Nyx born to glow liquid illuminator in sunbeam | Price: 7$               I don’t use this to highlight my face but I like to blend this with my foundations if I feel like giving my face an extra glow and sparkle. It looks very natural and you get a beautiful glow when you blend this with your foundation.

Mac zoom lash mascara in black | Price 18$                                                             This mascara does give longness and volume to your lashes. But I like to use this if we are going somewhere more fancy or eating somewhere etc, because you really get dramatic eyelashes and I like to keep my makeup very simple and natural.

BareMinerals prime time primer | Price: 25$                                  First when I started using makeup I really didn’t know what primer did to your face because I never paid attention to it, and never saw any difference. After trying this primer I started noticing that my makeup was much more easier to apply on to the face and stayed on the whole day. I do also like to add this on my lips before adding lipstick because it doesn’t make my lips look as cracked as they are.

theBalm Mary-lou manizer | Price: 24$                                             The. Best. Highlighter. Ever. So I wanted this highlighter for a really long time but never got my hands to this because it was so pricey, but in the end my mom decided to get this to me and i’m super thankful for that. There is just good things to say about this product and I would really recommend to everyone.

Too Faced cocao contour | Price: 40$                                               I’m so glad that I got this product when it was on sale because never in the world would I pay so much for a contour palette (joke). This has both a darker bronzer and a little lighter which is super good because if you want to go for the more dramatic bronzer look you can use the darker one, but I like to use the lighter one for my everyday makeup look. It also has a small makeup brush and two highlighter. One with glitter in it and one without, that I like to use under my eyes.

maybelline new york lipstick choco cream N°715 | Price: 7$           Not to just talk about how beautiful and natural colour this gives to your lips but it also smells super good, just like chocolate. This lipstick is very easy to apply on your lips and doesn’t make your lips look like they are cracked, which is very important for me when it comes to having beautiful looking lips.

Note long wearing lipgloss | Price: 8$                                                 I bought this lipstick in Turkey and think that it is a turkish brand because I couldn’t find it in any stores here in Sweden, just online. This lipgloss is super beautiful and easy to apply on your lips. I first taught that is would get sticky on my lips after having this for a long time on my lips but it didn’t get sticky at all. So I will totaly buy another colour in this when I go to Turkey again this summer.

Nyx lingerie liquid lipstick in push up N°11 | Price: 7$                   I would say that these lipsticks are like dupes for Kylie Jenners liquid lipsticks, but more affordable. First when you apply they slide on very easy on your lips and after when it dries done they get matte. Which is very trendy now with matte lipsticks. Usually matte lipsticks makes your lips very det but these are not like that and doesn’t make your lips det at all. A tips is to use primer before adding matte liquid lipsticks because after talking it of your lips will be primed.

Xoxo, Bella



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